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Wildflowers blooming on Shrine Pass, Vail, Colorado, USA..jpg


Our landscapes are a way for us to play, reconnect and are a sanctuary from everyday life stresses. My passion for design, plants and the environment motivates my ongoing practice of ecological design and horticulture. I believe the function of a landscape is the priority but doing it by creating a beautiful design is essential. The idea of working with nature, of using ecological landscaping using native plants and naturalistic planting, has intrigued me from the beginning of my career. My focus is on creating designs using the most sustainable practices and sourcing appropriate plants and materials to create an ecologically functional landscape. It's about bringing all the elements together to create unique and alluring spaces for my clients to enjoy. I am constantly pursuing educational opportunities and evolving through my own experiences, just like the gardens I create.


My aim is to collaborate with clients to craft purposeful designs that cater to their requirements, the environment, and local wildlife. Maintaining a small business allows me to give attention to every aspect of my clients' projects. 


“In far too many areas of our country, there’s no place left for wildlife but in the landscapes and gardens we create.

-Dr. Doug Tallamy

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